Research Activities

The research interest of my group  is the advancement of the chemical cross-linking/MS strategy for elucidating protein 3D-structures and for mapping protein-protein interactions. We are currently exploring the development and application of novel MS/MS cleavable cross-linkers as well as the incorporation of photo-reactive amino acids.  

Analysis of the cross-linked products is performed by the StavroX software developed by Michael Götze.  


Our lab is equipped with two Orbitrap mass spectrometers (LTQ-Orbitrap XL and Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid, Thermo Fisher Scientific), both coupled to nano-HPLC systems, a MALDI-TOF/TOFmass spectrometer (Ultraflex III, Bruker Daltonik), and a High-Mass Q-TOF mass spectrometer (Micromass/MS Vision).  


Cross-linking/MS strategy:  



DGMS (German Society for Mass Spectrometry)

From March 7 -10, 2010, the 43rd Annual Meeting of the DGMS was held in Halle.

On November 19/20, 2015, the 5th Symposium on Structural Proteomics was held in Halle.  A report on the symposium is available here:


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